Tomato pizza bases

Our Pizza bases are made in Naples and they are easily recognised thanks to their soft, high crust, the ‘cornicione’, irregular in shape due to the pizza chef’s handy work as he rolls it out before putting it in the stone oven. Only 100% Italian grown wheat flour and top-quality ingredients are used. The base can be topped in any way you like then heated up for 4/5 minutes at 220°C. You will find them in and out of the +4°C fridge and freezer.

  • Energy
    1292 kJ / 307 kcal
  • Fat
    7,8g of which saturated fatty acids 1,6g
  • Proteins
  • Carbohydrates
    51g of which sugars 0,9g
  • Fibers
  • Salt

The recipes


Add tomato sauce, mozzarella and extra virgin olive oil to the pizza base, put it in the oven for 4/5 mins at 220°C. It’s ready to be cut up and enjoyed.

The Neapolitan pizza

Shaped and baked in a stone oven, only in Naples.

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