Who we are

The company started up in 1994 thanks to the founder Santandrea who wanted to create a top quality piadina for restaurants across the Romagna area. When the next generations joined the team, the commercial target became large-scale distribution, and together with investments in technology the focus has been on innovation, broadening the range and supporting new Piadina products.

Constantly wanting to create an outstanding brand in the bakery industry has led to 4 product lines operating in two sites as well as the availability of products sold at room temperature, in the fridge and the freezer.

Our numbers

2500+ Stockists/supermarkets
2.000 kg Daily production capacity
12 Product range
17 Regions
5 gg Delivery time (days)
33 Anni Average age of staff
24% Yearly growth rate
1.500.000 Packs sold per year

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