Fili di grano

Artisanal product whose original recipe has its roots in antiquity, they are the savory snack suitable for all tastes: good, tasty, crunchy and crumbly. High quality ingredients are used: raw materials of local Italian production.

  • Energy
    2080 Kj / 479 kcal
  • Fat
    21g of which saturated fatty acids 2,1g
  • Proteins
  • Carbohydrates
    64g of which sugar 2,1g
  • Salt

Special notes

The Fili Di Grano, fried in high oleic sunflower seed oil, are ideal for appetizing aperitifs, starters, parties and special events; to be consumed during meals outside of hours, but also suitable for enriching a soup and embellishing a gourmet salad. 20 hours of leavening: without additives and without colorings.

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